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El Nido, Palawan | Photo via

One of the Philippines’ best-treasured gems is no other than the enchanting island of El Nido, Palawan. With its pristine white-sand beaches, breathtaking islands, stunning lagoons, and evergreen forests get ready to experience nature’s raw beauty at its finest! El Nido is truly deserving to be recognized as one of the world’s best islands and you definitely have to come and visit it at least once in your life! 

Aside from the mesmerizing natural wonders waiting for you in El Nido, there are also a plethora of fun and exciting adventures to make your vacation even more exciting! From island hopping activities, kayaking, cliff diving, zip lines, and many more, traveling to El Nido will certainly be one of the best decisions you’ll make. So, are you ready? Well, come and join me as we both discover the 10 Best Things to do in El Nido!

Chill Out at Nacpan Beach 

“Heaven on Earth”, I’m sure that you will utter those words once you witness the mesmerizing beauty of El Nido’s Nacpan Beach. Considered to be the best beach in El Nido, prepare yourself to fall in love with its pristine creamy sand beaches, aqua crystalline waters, and hundreds of tropical coconut trees. Nacpan Beach will certainly give you the tropical paradise vibes of your dreams. 

Chilling Out at Nacpan Beach is one of the best things to do in El Nido
Nacpan Beach | Photo via Wikimedia/Tuderna

The best part about Nacpan Beach is that it’s far away from the loud and busy crowds of El Nido so you can finally enjoy a peaceful and serene vacation that you absolutely deserve. 

Discover the Secret Lagoon 

Our next destination is this not-so-secret natural wonder that will make your hearts flutter with its dramatic beauty. Secret Lagoon is one of the most popular attractions in El Nido thanks to the epic towering limestone cliffs, secluded white sand beaches, and crystalline turquoise waters that’ll make you swoon. 

Secret Lagoon, El Nido | Photo via Tichonow

The Secret Lagoon is an unspoiled paradise that’s nestled right at the feet of humongous limestone formations. Tucked within these huge rocks is a small hole where you can access a heavenly small lagoon filled with natural pools of water where you can swim and truly feel the enchanting beauty of nature.

Fall in Love with the Stunning Shimizu Island 

Another one of El Nido’s best attractions is no other than the famous Shimizu Island. What sets this island apart from everybody else are the towering black limestone formations that seem to guard the enchanting beauty of its white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters. The island was named after the Japanese diver who tragically died in an underwater tunnel he discovered on the island, his name was Shimizu. 

Shimizu Island 
Shimizu Island | Photo via Wild

Aside from its world-class beauty, the island is also known as a premier diving spot. So for all diving enthusiasts out there, feel free to go swimming, snorkeling, and explore Shimizu Island’s epic features!

Spend the Day Kayaking on Small Lagoon 

One of the most unbelievable attractions you’ll discover in El Nido is the famous Small Lagoon. Visitors can only reach this place by joining one of El Nido’s island hopping tours so be sure to book one for yourselves! 

Aerial view of the Big Lagoon and the Small Lagoon in El Nido | Photo via Wild

Kayaking and passing through Small Lagoon’s tiny entrance has got to be one of the most significant highlights of your visit to El Nido. Witnessing Small Lagoon’s captivating features such as the tall limestone formations, crystal clear turquoise waters,  and El Nido’s thriving fishes and corals will make you feel as if you have uncovered a hidden paradise. 

Witness the Heavenly View of Matinloc Shrine 

Do you know those kinds of movies where the characters suddenly wash up on mysterious islands full of abandoned temples and buildings? Well, exploring El Nido’s Matinloc Shrine will absolutely give you those vibes. This enchanting attraction was formerly known as the Shrine of our Lady of Matinloc located off the western coast of Matinloc Island. 

View of Matinloc Shrine | Photo via Wikimedia by Say Bernardo

More and more tourists fall in love with the Matinloc Shrine because of its epic beauty being situated at the feet of dramatic limestone cliffs and surrounded by crystal clear waters.  

Walk on the Iconic Sandbar of Snake Island 

No, no. El Nido’s famous Snake Island isn’t involved with anything related to snakes, it was only named in such a way because of the island’s S-shaped sandbar that slithers across the pristine waters of the island. Walking along the iconic sandbar is definitely one of the best things to do in El Nido because you’ll get a chance to witness the mesmerizing features of the island up close! 

The Iconic Sandbar of Snake Island in El Nido
The Iconic Sandbar of Snake Island  Photo via Flickr/Fabio Achilli

The Snake Island is also called the Vigan Island by locals and it can only be reached by boat which takes roughly about 40 minutes from Bacuit Bay.

Experience the Real Tropical Paradise of Las Cabanas

One of El Nido’s top beach destinations and also one of the most accessible is Las Cabanas Beach. This is where the thriving nightlife of El Nido lives thanks to the several bars and resorts established around the area. 

Las Cabanas, El Nido
Las Cabanas | Photo vi Wikimedia/Tuderna

Aside from all the fun and exciting activities waiting for you here at Las Cabanas, the beach is also one of the best places to witness El Nido’s mesmerizing sunset. Feel free to enjoy the romantic view as you cuddle up with your soulmate while having a sip of your favorite drink!

Climb the Majestic Taraw Peak 

That’s right, El Nido isn’t only about exploring different beautiful islands where you can only swim and snorkel. El Nido also has a lot to offer for adrenaline junkies who like to take things to another level! 

View of El Nido from Taraw Peak
View of El Nido from Taraw Peak | Photo via Flickr/Ace Reston

Climbing up Taraw Peak will give you a chance to witness the breathtaking view of El Nido’s majestic beauty. But before you’re able to do that, you first have to battle with extreme humidity and sharp rocks as you hike to the summit of Taraw Peak. Don’t worry though because you’re in for an absolutely fulfilling adventure!

Go Cave Diving on Dilumacad Island 

There are tons of different odd-shaped islands scattered all over the world. You can find snake-shaped islands, crocodile-shaped islands, and many more. But have you ever imagined coming across a helicopter-shaped island? Well, look no further because El Nido’s famous Dilumacad Island is certainly what you’re looking for! 

Dilumacad Island aka Helicopter Island | Photo via Wikimedia/Tuderna

Aside from its incredible features such as the creamy white sands, crystal clear waters, and evergreen forests of Helicopter Island, the most famous attraction you’ll actually find here is called The Tunnel. This tunnel spans for about 10 to 20 meters that’s long enough to fit two divers at the same time. Are you in for an exciting challenge? Well, here you go!

Relax at the Seven Commandos Beach 

Finally, one of El Nido’s most popular destinations is no other than the Seven Commandos Beach. Thanks to the pristine white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters located at the feet of majestic limestone cliffs, the beach is often jam-packed because it has already been a staple of El Nido island hopping tours. 

A visit to Seven Commandos Beach is one of the best things to do in El Nido, Palawan
Seven Commandos Beach | Photo via Wikimedia/Tuderna

It is said that the Seven Commandos Beach was named after seven World War II soldiers who got stranded on the beach at one point. Some even say that their names are carved somewhere on the island. Well, I guess that’s one thing you have to confirm during your visit to Seven Commandos Beach!

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