You are currently viewing The Birdhouse El Nido: A Tranquil Island Escape

Picture yourself waking up to the serene beauty of crystal clear waters and the sweet melody of birdsong welcoming you to a new day—what a delightful treat that would be! Tucked away amidst the lush trees and just a stone’s throw away from the beach, The Birdhouse in El Nido is an enchanting haven for those seeking a tranquil and more meaningful island escape.

While reaching the hotel may present a challenge—a scenic walk along Maremegmeg Beach followed by a bit of hiking—every drop of sweat becomes worthwhile the moment you arrive at The Birdhouse El Nido.

Their accommodations, aptly named The Nests, boast locally crafted furniture and showcase tropical vistas that exude a natural and earthy ambiance. Whether overlooking a lush garden or gazing at the captivating sea, The Nests immerse you in the beauty of nature. Each nest is thoughtfully equipped with eco-toiletries, a private bathroom, a cozy seating area, a charming balcony, and outdoor furniture, among other conveniences.

Indeed, the journey to The Birdhouse might sound a bit challenging, but it rewards you with an opportunity to marvel at the breathtaking sights nature has to offer. Embrace the adventure, for it leads you to a place where tranquility and the wonders of El Nido embrace you in perfect harmony. Check rates and availability or see more photos

Address: Sito Pakalsada, Barangay Corong Corong, El Nido

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