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Pinagbuyutan Island | Photo via\Gowtham

If you’re looking for island getaways, few places will beat El Nido, Palawan. Its renowned sugar-white sand, turquoise waters, and well-preserved natural wonders have made it popular amongst travelers. We highly recommend that you book a stay here to immerse yourself in a tropical paradise. But which destinations are worth visiting during your trip here?

We’ve listed four spots in El Nido included in El Nido Tour B that’ll take your breath away, showcasing the best of its palm-lined views and stunning rocky formations. Put these on your checklist of spots to visit if you’re going on vacation here!

Snake Island

Don’t be fooled by the name – Snake Island is blissfully snake-free! It got its name from the snake-like sand strip which connects the sides of the island. We recommend that you visit during the low tide so you can walk from one side of the island to the other through the sandbar.

Spot some starfish or put water shoes on to explore the reefs. You should also make the short hike to the hilltop to get an unmatched panoramic view of Snake Island. Just steer clear of the monkeys, as they can get quite territorial with visitors. On clear days, you can see El Nido from this vantage point!

Rent a boat to get here – it’ll take 40 minutes from Bacuit Bay, so sit back and enjoy the ride amongst the crystalline waters. But once you pitch a hammock here and lie back in its tranquil atmosphere, you’ll see it’s well worth the ride!

Pinagbuyutan Island

Its sand may not be as powdery and fine as other places in El Nido, but many tourists still list this island as one of their favorite attractions because of its thriving marine ecosystem and colorful reefs! Gaze in awe at the majestic, towering cliffs on this pristine island, then spread a blanket out to chill under some coconut trees.

Buy some fresh coconut juice and enjoy the scenery. Snorkelers will also love this relatively isolated spot because it’s teeming with sea creatures, so bring your kit or some water shoes to get a better look at Palawan’s marine life.

Entalula Beach

Entalula Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in El Nido, so it’s a must-see for sun worshippers. Bring a big towel and umbrella so you can bask on the powdery sand after going for a swim in the pure sapphire water.

Keep your eyes peeled for the occasional monitor lizard emerging from the foliage! If you’re lucky enough to have a drone or rent one, this is a beautiful spot for taking incredible footage of the formidable limestone formations of Palawan.

Cudugnon Cave

Dubbed one of the most interesting destinations in El Nido, Cudugnon Cave is a historical site believed to be a Neolithic burial place. It’s intimidating to enter through the tiny entrance, but you’ll be rewarded with breathtakingly high rock ceilings and unique formations.

It’s located near the sea, so you’ll see fish during high tide when the water seeps in. Steer clear of the bats inhabiting this mysterious cave!

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