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Honda Bay is one of the popular tourist attractions in Puerto Princesa. Many tourists go on an island-hopping to Honda Bay to experience the white sand beaches of Palawan. Featured photo of Honda Bay via \ Tatiana Nurieva

Puerto Princesa, Palawan, is famous both amongst Filipinos and foreign travelers for its beautiful beaches, warm hospitality, and numerous natural attractions. One way to see all the amazing sights in this idyllic tropical destination is to take an island-hopping tour – there are many little islands scattered along Palawan’s coast. But which tour should you try?

One underrated option that we recommend for vacationers is the Honda Bay island hopping tour. Keep reading to find out more about the three islands that make up this fun journey, and what to expect during your incredible adventure in paradise!

Start Your Journey At Honda Bay

Honda Bay is only half an hour away from Puerto Princesa – we recommend setting off early in the morning with your group. If you’re traveling solo, see if you can be part of a shared tour package to save costs on boat transportation.

Tours are inclusive of transportation, entrance fees for each island, and a buffet lunch with Filipino favorites. You can also bring your own snorkeling equipment for Starfish Island, or hire some for a small fee.

Starfish Island

Starfish Island is an incredible spot for snorkeling because of – you guessed it – all the starfish you’ll find around here. Apart from the picturesque sandy beaches and the turquoise waves, you’ll see an incredible variety of marine life and coral formations. Swim amongst dorado, damselfishes, and wrasse. Just keep an eye out for sea urchins!

Starfish Island
Starfish Island | Photo by ididj0emama on Flick under creative commons

While there are lots of starfish here, this doesn’t mean that you can pick them up and take them home as souvenirs. Please let the marine life be and keep the environment here as clean and well-preserved as you found it!

Luli Island

The island where Honda Bay tours hold their buffet lunches for travelers is a quiet, beachy spot where you can enjoy a tranquil meal prepared with local flair and produce. While it’s not a snorkeling spot, it’s a nice island for taking a quick dip in Palawan’s crystal-clear water, or lounging in the sand without a care in the world.

Spread out your beach blanket and admire the serene view, or take some photos here to commemorate your vacation. If you have a drone, use it to fly overhead and take breathtaking footage of some of the nearby private islands.

Cowrie Island

The final stop in this island tour, Cowrie Island is where you and your group can chill, dance, and enjoy drinks at the bar – or if you were canny enough to pack your own flask, pour your own. It’s the perfect place to let your hair down and make a toast to exploring paradise.

Cowrie Island
Cowrie Island | Photo by Flickr/Sophia Lucero under creative commons

You can also skip partying with other tourists and rent a kayak. It’s a nice water activity for working up a sweat and seeing more of the area around the island. Rowing around this small but lovely island can be a very relaxing experience that will make that ice-cold beer later taste even better!

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