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Coron is a gorgeous island destination in the Philippines, both below the water’s surface, above it, and on land. Apart from the impressive crystal clear waters in the sea and the vestiges of World War II ships underneath it, Coron—the atoll—is simply amazing all things considered.

If you are planning to go to Coron, you might want to consider dining at these 6 Best Restaurants in Coron. These restaurants offer both local and international cuisines that you will surely enjoy.

Poco Deli

Poco Deli is a popular restaurant in Coron offering sausages, pizza, pasta, European comfort food, and a wide selection of wines and cheeses. It has a lot of interesting dishes on its menu but since I was alone, I settled for the Truffle Oil & Seafood Pasta which I liked a lot. I would definitely go back there when I visit Coron again. See Poco Deli Menu

Truffle Oil & Seafood Pasta at Poco Deli Coron - one of the best restaurants in Coron
Truffle Oil & Seafood Pasta at Poco Deli Coron

Santino’s Grill

Santino’s Grill is probably the most popular restaurant in Coron right now. Ask your tour guide or trike driver where to eat and you’ll probably hear them say Santino’s. The place is tucked in a residential area so it’s quiet and charming. The food is good and reasonably priced. Their must-try food is grilled Baby Back Ribs. I only ordered half slab and the serving was huge. I also tried their halo-halo and it was good, too. Check out Santino’s Menu

Baby Back Ribs at Santino's Grill Coron - one of the must-try restaurants in Coron
Baby Back Ribs at Santino’s Grill Coron
Halo-Halo at Santino’s Grill

Pacifico Bar & Restaurant Coron

Pacifico is one of the best restaurants in Coron that you must try when you visit the island. It’s known for its sumptuous burgers. Their best-seller is the Aussie Burger and it was delish. You can also choose whether you like to grill your burger medium, medium-well or well-done. Aside from the good food, it’s also a perfect place to people-watch. 🙂 View Pacifico Menu

Aussie Burger at Pacifico Coron
Aussie Burger at Pacifico Coron

Sharky’s Restobar

Sharky’s is a restobar in Coron offering a wide selection of local dishes and drinks. It features live music making it a good place to chill after a long day touring the island. The ambiance was very relaxed. It’s worth a visit for food or drinks when you are in Coron. See Sharky’s Menu

Epic Cafe

Get your coffee fix in Coron at Epic Cafe! It’s a small cafe in the town center offering native coffee called Tagbanua, as well as all-day breakfast meals and pastries. I only went there for coffee and pastry so I can’t tell if their meals are worth a try. The Tagbanua coffee tastes like the Kalinga coffee. It was good. The cheesecake, however, wasn’t to my liking. At P240 for a small slice, I expected it to taste better. Check out Epic Cafe Menu

Tagbanua Coffee and Cheesecake at Epic Cafe
Tagbanua Coffee and Cheesecake at Epic Cafe

Lobster King

If you want to feast on seafood, Lobster King is the place for you. The lobster is quite pricey but it’s live so you know it’s fresh. They also offer a variety of other seafood dishes like squid, tangigue, crabs, shrimp, and many more. View Lobster King Menu

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